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Porto Bañera bath tub dimenstions
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Ready to Install

Walk in Bath Tubs Installations
Bañera bath tubs arrive ready for installation , fully assembled and tested with all fixtures included, even the personal hand-held shower. Square corners allow owners to either build in or tile for maximal aesthetic and functional integration to an existing bathroom, and the perimeter of the upper lip on both the Faro and the Porto have a sloped inner wall to assist in repelling overspill back into the body of the unit.







Walk in Bath Jets

Walk in Bath Tubs Jets
Our air jets consist of heated air because without warming up the air, this feature would cool the water as it operated. The heated air system ensures that using the jets does not result in a dramatic drop in temperature. Water jets in a walk-in bath entail the ability to pump water put of jets at variable speeds as a means of hydrotherapy.







Walk in Bath Construction

Walk in Bath Tubs Construction
Our construction decisions and available options perpetuate the ongoing value and useability of this investment. The Faro and Porto are fully customizable in that in addition to door direction, both are available as a soaker tub…